Bullet Board Metal Pegboard

Bullet Board is metal pegboard for storing, displaying, and organizing things around your home or office.

This great product is an improvement on an old standard. And due to it's structural integrity, it also holds up better than ever before.

Others love it...
Bullet Board is the solution to organizing all of my fishing supplies. I am an avid fisherman and never before have I had everthing in a place I could find it. My Bullet Board is the key to making sure I have the things I need to make me successful.

Don Owens
I use my Bullet Board in my craft room. It organizes all of my wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, tape, etc. It is the perfect solution to organize and store the stuff I use to wrap presents.

Mrs. Fraser


Online ordering available. Only $39 for 2 panels - 16" x 32".

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